Tips for Casino Blackjack Players

The Internet is a great resource for finding Blackjack tips and strategies, but the problem is that most of the techniques are aimed at those that play online. If you're the type who prefers to play in a live casino, this could pose problems. Fortunately, there are a few things that you can do to get that edge.

Blackjack tip 1: be on the lookout for warped cards.

A warped card in Blackjack is one that gets creased when the dealer takes a peek. The advantage here is that when the cards are reshuffled you will know what that card is; even if it is face down the marks will allow you to recognize it, giving you an added benefit. Although this may seem unlikely, warped cards do appear in decks.

This is especially true when the cards have been used and shuffled extensively. It can also happen that a new casino dealer will bend the card too much during play.

Blackjack tip 2: play on tables that use as few decks as possible.

The important thing to remember when playing in any card game is that the longer the game, the greater the chance for the house edge to creep up on you. That is the reason why most casinos like to use six to eight decks per game. At first this may seem like an advantage for the player as there are more cards in play, but in fact by playing more hands, you end up getting nearer the house edge.

By opting to play in Blackjack games that use few decks, you limit the number of games played, which is good because you will be able to better manage your bankroll; if the game moves too quickly you could lose control. Another thing that will work to your advantage when playing few decks is that it makes card counting easier.

Blackjack tip 3: plan before you play.

It can sometimes happen that you will get some unsolicited advice from the players beside you. Rest assured that it won't do you any good; those players are out there to win, not help you out. The only one you can rely on is yourself, so make sure you have a Blackjack strategy worked out before stepping up to play.

Playing Blackjack in a casino is fun, and some will tell you that you shouldn't take it too seriously. While that may be true, it's no excuse to show up unprepared. With these tips you'll not only have a great time at the casino, but you'll leave with more money in your pockets.