No Sweat, It's Blackjack!

If we ask any casino player which is the most popular casino table game, probably nine out of 10 will tell us it's Blackjack also called 21. When played properly it has the lowest house advantage of any table game maybe a little than 1 percent. However, Blackjack is a game based on dependent events. Remaining deck cards composition changes for each card dealing Player has the advantage if the cards left in the deck are big numbered, while lowered numbered cards favor the dealer.

Since Blackjack do have a set of followed rules, a player can have his own mathematical strategy to follows to have an advantage over the house. By following and utilizing designed strategy a player can have a big chance of winning the hand. A player has a chance to beat the dealer if he manages well his cards.

The player's objective is to try to beat the dealer or not let the dealer get to 21. If the player's card total is higher than the dealer's cards, the player wins. If both the player and the dealer go over 21 they "Bust". If the player busts he automatically loses. If the dealer busts and the player is not then the player wins. The player must act first. To beat or to outplay the dealer, a player's correct hand-playing must first be learned. It is then that a mathematically correct strategy comes in to play.

As explained a while ago, what makes Blackjack different from other casino game is that the house edge is not fixed. The progress of the game and the odds of getting a natural blackjack is dependent upon the cards that were dealt and the remaining cards on the deck. A player's advantage over the dealer is quite high.

The probability of winning a hand is depended on the mix of the cards remaining on the deck. If high value cards do still remains at the deck, it is favorable to the players. So the player may place a high bet. But if low value cards remains at the deck then it favors the house. So a lower bet will be place by the player.

Blackjack is such a great game and is fun to play when the house advantage is at the minimal. Some casinos will even offer the use of a basic strategy at the table conference. But with a little effort, the player will soon make a correct decision without one. A